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Dental Contactsculpt Pad Resin Composite Trimmer Modelling

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For Dental Composite Resin HandleThin tip with flexibility
---- German Stainless Steel
---- Non-stick surface
---- Creation of even surfaces
---- Professional esthetic
---- Efficient contouring due to non-stick surface
---- Soft pad could be sterilized under 121 ℃ and high pressure
Available Type
For Foam Pads
Availe size
Small-green (4mm), large-black (6mm)
Modeling Instruments designed for the stick-less adapting, shaping
and contouring of direct uncured and sculptable composite repairers as
well for modeling and smoothing transitions created with
Lab Composite in paste form.
Perfectly disposable fitting
The fittings are inserted into the retaining ring at the working end of the
autoclavable hand instrument.
The non-stick effect, which
becomes evident when the composite resin is matched and profiled with the
instrument, makes the processing of the restorative material fast and
efficient. Modeling props of different shapes have been
Specially adjusted to meet occlusal surface requirements and
Minor ridge design based on natural anatomy. Therefore, they
offer a wide variety of uses.

Non-stick placement of anterior composites
Creation of smooth, even surfaces
Professional aesthetic results while saving you time

Shaping and contouring of uncured sculptable composite correctors.
The OptraSculpt pad is particularly indicated for Class III, IV and V
Restorations. OptraSculpt is particularly suitable for sculpting and
contouring Class I, II and V restorations
This product may be intended
for use by a healthcare professional only. The seller may ask you to
prove that you are a qualified healthcare professional authorized to buy
and use these products in your country.

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Dipinjit Grewal
Never received it

I paid but never got it

Carrie Desjardins
I never received it

I never received this, but I sure got charged for it!

Julie Anne Mackinnon
Never received product

I wouldn’t know as it has never arrived

Perry Cassin

Dental Contactsculpt Pad Resin Composite Trimmer Modelling

Rosalia Anderson

Product quality, both the spatula as sponges. arrived a day ahead of time! Recommend buying