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IVISMILE Teeth Whitening Kit

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Product parameters:
Color    black    white    pink
Body material    ABS
Silicone material    Food grade TPE
Laser wavelength    Red light: 615-630mm
Blue-ray: 460-480mm
Charging time    
2 Hour

Timer    1. 15 minutes of blue light, 10 minutes of red and blue light
2. 10 minutes of blue light, 15 minutes of red and blue light
3. 15 minutes Blu-ray / 10 minutes red light / 10 minutes red blue light
waterproof level    IPX 6
Owned certificate    FDA, CE, MSDS
Gel composition    35%CP / 16%HP
Gel storage conditions    1.Dry and ventilated
2. Shelf life is 1 year at room temperature (24° or less)
3. Optimal storage temperature: 0-18°
Package include    . Wireless central control timing light *1
. 2ml aluminum tube gel pen *3
. Packing box + lining *1
. 4 fold brochure *1
. PVC color card *1
. Assembly + sealing film *1
Avoid to apply the gel on the gum directly as possible as you can. It will create a burning feeling. This is nothing tobe alarmed about as the burning feeling will go away within 24 hours. Just make sure to rinse with water.